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docker-build-prod-latest Build Docker
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Downloading artifacts for build-test-linux-amd64 (1720)...
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id=1720 responseStatus=200 OK token=jGjjDBPm
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Using docker image sha256:a6019f541ee11854adf99e28112ee30c72f6422ecec13236e12a12c1a99cc757 for jdrouet/docker-with-buildx:stable with digest jdrouet/docker-with-buildx@sha256:cbad437304c5009d0b1f6202f8df800558ab74ea3dc729f7438d22013806c895 ...
$ docker buildx use test
error: failed to find instance "test": open /root/.docker/buildx/instances/test: no such file or directory
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1